Who Wore 48 For The Lakers

However, the number 48 stands out for a unique reason - it has never been worn by any player in the Lakers' history.

The Los Angeles Lakers, a team with a rich history and a roster of legendary players, have always been a topic of interest for basketball enthusiasts. However, one question that often arises is: Who wore number 48 for the Lakers? The answer might surprise you.

The Mystery of Number 48

In the annals of Lakers' history, jersey numbers have always held a special significance. From Magic Johnson's iconic 32 to Kobe Bryant's dual legacy with 8 and 24, these numbers have become synonymous with the players who wore them. However, the number 48 stands out for a unique reason - it has never been worn by any player in the Lakers' history.

The Unworn Trio

Interestingly, number 48 is not the only number that remains untouched in the Lakers' locker room. Numbers 46 and 47 also share this distinction. These three numbers belong to an elite brotherhood of unworn jerseys, a fact that adds a layer of intrigue to the Lakers' jersey history.

The Legacy of Lakers' Jerseys

While number 48 remains unworn, other numbers in the 40s range have been donned by some notable players. For instance, A.C. Green, known for his rebounding prowess and iron man status, proudly wore number 45. Mel McCants, although not as well-known, holds the distinction of being the only Laker ever to wear number 49.

The Significance of Jersey Numbers

Jersey numbers are more than just identifiers on a player's back. They often carry a legacy, a story, and a sense of identity. For instance, Kobe Bryant's two retired numbers, 8 and 24, each represent a distinct era of his illustrious career.

However, the absence of a player associated with number 48 doesn't diminish its importance. Instead, it adds to the rich tapestry of Lakers' history and keeps fans speculating about who might eventually claim this number.


The Los Angeles Lakers, with their storied past and legendary players, have a fascinating relationship with jersey numbers. While some numbers are immortalized by the greats who wore them, others like 48 remain untouched, waiting for a player to make it their own. As we continue to watch and enjoy the game, the mystery of who will wear number 48 for the Lakers remains an intriguing subplot in the grand narrative of this iconic basketball team.

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