Who Is The Best Safety In The NFL

Safeties play an integral part in the modern NFL. Referred to as the "last line of defense," safeties are often the last people a quarterback sees before he throws to his receiver - and the last person that may be able to stop the ball from reaching its target.

Why do we need safeties?

Most football fans know that the safety is one of the most important positions on the field. Safeties are responsible for ensuring that the defense is in the correct position to make a play, and they also act as a last line of defense against the opposing offense. However, with so many responsibilities, it can be difficult to determine who the best safety in the NFL is. In order to help make this decision easier, we have compiled a list of the top five safeties in the NFL today.

Ranking the top 5 best safeties in the NFL

The NFL is full of talented players, but who are the best safeties in the league?

Earl Thomas, Seattle Seahawks: Thomas is a ballhawk in the secondary and is always around the football. He’s a good tackler and has great instincts.

Eric Weddle, Los Angeles Rams: Weddle is a smart and savvy veteran who is still playing at a high level. He’s a good tackler and has good coverage skills.

Devin McCourty, New England Patriots: McCourty is a dependable playmaker in the secondary. He’s a good tackler and has good ball skills.

Kevin Byard, Tennessee Titans: Byard had a breakout season in 2017, leading the NFL with eight interceptions. He’s a good tackler and has excellent ball skills.

Landon Collins, Washington Commanders: Collins is a physical presence in the secondary. He’s a good tackler and can also make plays on the ball.


There is a lot of debate surrounding who the best safety in the NFL is, but one thing is for sure — they are all extremely talented and dedicated athletes. Whether you think it's Earl Thomas of the Seattle Seahawks or Landon Collins of the Washington Commanders, there is no doubt that these players are some of the best at their position.

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