Who Is The Best Defensive Player In The NFL

Here's a list of the top three NFL defensive players of all time:

Lawrence Taylor

There's no doubt that Tom Brady is the greatest offensive player of all time. As sure as we are about Tom Brady, the same can be said about Lawrence Taylor as far as defense is concerned. He is the greatest defensive player in the history of this great and most popular sport in the USA. His total disregard for his own body, clattering into quarterbacks for fun, and just being a nuisance for the opponents makes him the most feared player in the sport. His madness helped the New York Giants win two Superbowl titles and he became the MVP (Most Valuable Player) in 1986. This is very impressive as the MVP award is usually given to offensive players only. Taylor revolutionized the game for the defense. Plus, he was truly a warrior. Imagine being 9-3 down to the New Orleans Saints. Now imagine having torn shoulder ligaments and a detached pectoral muscle but just strapping on a harness and leading your team to a victory - that's Lawrence Taylor for you.

Reggie White

The last player an offensive opponent would want to see is Reggie White. For some fans, White even ranks ahead of Taylor Lawrence but we think it's extremely close and Taylor edges it by a small margin. But, that doesn't mean White was in any case inferior. If Lawrence was feared, then White was feared a lot more. The Green Bay Packers became very excited when they got him with probably the biggest free agent signing in the history of the NFL. He revamped their defense and was the main reason behind their back-to-back super bowls in 1996 and 1997.

Aaron Donald

He has already become one of the highest-paid non-quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. Donald won the defensive rookie of the year award in 2014, made the pro bowl eight times, and was made the defensive player of the year an astonishing three times. He has speed, power, and technique that make him unique. Fans would argue that he deserves the MVP award too and there is no doubt he deserves more accolades than he has collected so far. He is young (only 31 years old as on 20th December 2022) and has a great future ahead of him.