Who Has The Highest Bench Press In The NFL

The record for the highest bench press in the National Football League (NFL) is held by Larry Allen, a former offensive guard for the Dallas Cowboys. Allen's strength was legendary, and he was known to have benched an impressive 700 pounds. This feat was achieved thanks to his disciplined and professional weight training regimen. By the time he left Sonoma State, Allen was already lifting 500 pounds. After being drafted by Dallas in 1994, his strength continued to increase, and by 1998, he could bench more than 600 pounds and squat 800. Eventually, he reached a bench press of 700 pounds and a squat of 900.

However, it's worth noting that the all-time NFL Combine bench press record holder is Justin Ernest, a defensive tackle from Eastern Kentucky University. In 1999, Ernest completed 51 reps at 225 pounds, a record that still stands today. Despite this impressive achievement, Ernest went undrafted and never appeared in an NFL game. However, the official record for the NFL Combine belongs to Stephen Paea, with 49 reps at 225 pounds.