Who Has The Fastest 40 Yard Dash In The NFL

Here’s a look at the 10 fastest 40-yard dash times ever at the NFL Combine:
⦁ John Ross: 4.22 seconds
⦁ Chris Johnson: 4.24 seconds
⦁ Dri Archer: 4.26 seconds
⦁ Jerome Mathis: 4.26 seconds
⦁ Marquise Goodwin: 4.27 seconds
⦁ Deion Sanders: 4.27 seconds
⦁ Stanford Routt: 4.27 seconds
⦁ Tyquan Thornton: 4.28 seconds
⦁ Tyreek Hill: 4.29 seconds
⦁ Fabian Washington: 4.25 seconds

Update 2nd January 2023: Tyquan Thornton has surpassed John Ross to achieve the fastest 40-yard dash in NFL history with 4.21 seconds. He plays for New England Patriots.

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