Who Has The Best Hands In The NFL

In today’s NFL, hand-eye coordination and quick reflexes are crucial in order to stay on the field. As a result, many of the best players in the league have impressive hand skills.

Who has the best hands in the NFL?

Here is a list of ten NFL players with some of the best hands in the league:

  1. Antonio Brown - Wide Receiver
  2. Julio Jones - Wide Receiver
  3. Odell Beckham Jr - Wide Receiver
  4. Aaron Rodgers - Quarterback
  5. Tom Brady - Quarterback
  6. Russell Wilson - Quarterback
  7. Randall Cobb - Wide Receiver
  8. Le’Veon Bell - Running Back
  9. Teddy Bridgewater - Quarterback
  10. Derek Carr - Quarterback

Each of these players has their own unique style of catching the ball, making them difficult to defend one-on-one. Beckham Jr.'s explosiveness and Brown's speed make them tough to cover. Jones is known for his precision catches and strong hands. And Cobb is perhaps the most complete receiver in the league, with good hands, speed, and strength.

How Tom Brady's Wrist Affects His Ability To Throw A Football

Tom Brady is considered to be one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and his ability to throw a football has led him to win multiple championships. Brady’s wrist is often criticized, but it actually helps him in many ways. Brady’s wrist is flexible and he can spin the ball very easily. This allows him to put more air behind the ball which gives it speed and makes it easier for him to throw accurately.


Overall, it is hard to determine who has the best hands in the NFL. Each player has his own unique mechanics that make him stand out. However, if we look at the overall consistency of each player’s throwing mechanics, it is clear that Tom Brady reigns supreme as the two greatest QBs in NFL history when it comes to throwing accuracy and power.

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