Which NFL Player Wrote A Book

Football players are often celebrated for their physical prowess, but what about their literary talents off the field? It may surprise many that some NFL players have ventured into the world of writing and have even penned books. In this blog post, we will explore one player who has made a mark in the literary world.

Introducing Malcolm Mitchell

Malcolm Mitchell is a former NFL wide receiver who played for the New England Patriots. He was known for his exceptional skills in the field, but he also had a passion for reading and literacy. Mitchell struggled with reading when he was young but quickly fell in love with books when he discovered their power and potential. This love for reading would eventually lead him to become a successful football player and a published author.

"The Magician's Hat"

In 2017, Mitchell published his first children's book titled "The Magician's Hat." The book follows a young boy named David who visits a local library and discovers a magical hat that helps bring books to life. Through this heartwarming story, Mitchell aims to promote the importance of reading and inspire children to embrace the wonders of books.

A Literary Journey

Mitchell's journey as an author didn't stop with just one book. In 2018, he released his second children's book called "My Very Favorite Book in the Whole Wide World." This story is about a young boy named Henley who embarks on a mission to find his favorite book after it disappears from his school library. While on his quest, Henley discovers the joy of trying new books and realizing that many favorites await discovery.

Impact Beyond the Game

Mitchell's passion for literacy continues after his books. He has also established the "Read with Malcolm" program, a youth literacy initiative encouraging kids to develop a love for reading. Through this program, Mitchell visits schools and community centers, reading his books to students and sharing his journey of overcoming reading difficulties.

Inspiring a Generation

Mitchell's efforts have been widely recognized and celebrated. In 2018, he received the National Education Association's Award for Advocacy to acknowledge his work promoting literacy. He also partnered with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, distributing copies of his books to disadvantaged children and inspiring them to pursue their dreams.

Beyond the NFL

While Malcolm Mitchell's career in the NFL was cut short due to injuries, his impact as an author and literacy advocate continues to thrive. He has dedicated his post-football life to promoting literacy and encouraging children to discover the joy and power of books. Mitchell's story inspires aspiring athletes and young readers alike, proving that our dreams can extend beyond the boundaries of what society expects from us.

In Conclusion

It is remarkable to see NFL players like Malcolm Mitchell using their influence and creativity to make a difference in unexpected ways. His journey from struggling reader to celebrated author demonstrates the transformative power of books and the importance of promoting literacy. Mitchell's contributions to the literary world and his dedication to inspiring young readers to testify that anyone, regardless of their field of expertise, can positively impact beyond their immediate profession.

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