Which NFL Player Beat His Wife

Raymell Mourice Rice, an American former football running back who played in the National Football League (NFL) for six seasons with the Baltimore Ravens, is known to have assaulted his wife.

Another NFL player, Zac Stacy, was also involved in a domestic violence incident. Stacy was arrested on felony assault charges after a shocking video of him brutally assaulting Kristin Evans, in front of their child was leaked. The video showed Stacy punching the woman in the head and throwing her into a TV while their infant son lay on the couch nearby. This incident led to Stacy's arrest and a subsequent 6-month jail sentence.

In addition to these two players, Greg Hardy, a former player for the Carolina Panthers, was found guilty of assault during the 2014 offseason.

These incidents highlight the serious issue of domestic violence within the NFL, leading to suspensions and other consequences for the players involved.