What Was The Longest Field Goal In NFL History

The longest field goal in NFL history was made by Justin Tucker of the Baltimore Ravens on September 26, 2021. The kick was made from 66 yards out and helped the Ravens win the game against the Detroit Lions 19-17.

Justin Tucker's 66-yard FG kick makes history for longest field goal in NFL history

Justin Tucker’s 66-yard field goal attempt wasn’t just the longest in NFL history, it was also a game-winning kick that propelled the Baltimore Ravens to a victory over the Detroit Lions.

The previous record for the longest field goal in NFL history was 64 yards, set by Matt Prater of the Denver Broncos in 2013. Tucker’s kick was also the longest field goal in Ravens history, and it came at a crucial moment in the game.

What this means for the future of NFL field goals

This event raises the question of what effect this will have on the future of field goals in the NFL.

There are a few possible scenarios that could play out. First, it’s possible that other teams will start trying to emulate the Ravens’ success by signing their own kickers with strong leg power. This could lead to more long-distance field goals being attempted in general.

Alternatively, teams may start to focus more on preventing long field goals from being attempted in the first place. This could mean that we see more touchbacks on kickoffs, or that teams start employing strategies to keep the ball away from their opponents’ strong kickers.

Either way, Justin Tucker’s record-breaking field goal is likely to have a significant impact on the future of NFL kicking. It will be interesting to see how teams adapt in the coming years.

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