What Teams In The NFL Have Never Won A Super Bowl

Twelve teams are yet to win the Lombardi trophy. The ranking of the twelve super bowl deprived teams is as follows:

Houston Texans

Until they have some high-end superstars and let qualified management be in charge, we have good reason to believe that the Texans are a long way away from winning the super bowl.

Carolina Panthers

If the Panthers had the right quarterback situation in place, their chances would be much higher.

Atlanta Falcons

Whenever we think about the Falcons and their lack of super bowl, it’s hard not to bring up that 28-3 lead they had in super bowl 51. They may have a good chance to win the Lombardi trophy under the new regime of General Manager Terry Fontenot and Head Coach Arthur Smith.

Minnesota Vikings

They are always ready to spend money which helps their chances. They have an aging roster that has too many of their prime players and very few future pro-bowl talents.

Tennessee Titans

They claimed the American Football Conference (AFC) South division in 2020 and 2021. There are still at least six teams in the AFC that are better than the Titans.

Jacksonville Jaguars

They have a generational prospect at the game's most important position and that is what matters the most. Trevor Lawrence is a very talented quarterback. And even though they probably overbid for most of the free-agent contracts, this improves their roster.

Cleveland Browns

The Browns had a playoff-caliber team with 2018 first-overall pick Baker Mayfield but the ownership was convinced that an upgrade at quarterback would be beneficial. The Browns took a massive PR backlash by trading for Deshaun Watson. The owner of the Cleveland Browns, Jimmy Haslam handed Watson a deal worth 230 million dollars in guaranteed money. Talent-wise, one could argue that the Browns have more of it than any other non-super bowl contender. But there are still a lot of unknowns here starting with Watson.

Detroit Lions

The Lions did the right thing by trading away Matthew Stafford. This set their rebuilding process in the right direction.

If they continue to play their cards right, it may not be long before the Lions become a top contender for the super bowl.

Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals have the longest championship drought among all North American professional sports franchises, having last won it in 1947. The franchise was based in Chicago at that time. The defense still needs some work. Right now, the Cardinals are a tier below the NFC’s top heavyweights. They have a younger roster that should be able to compete for many years in the future.

Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers have blown many games despite so much elite talent. For example, the 2010 group missed the playoffs even though they had the best offense and defense.

Cincinnati Bengals

They have a revamped offensive line with some superstars like Joe Burrow (called the next Tom Brady).

Buffalo Bills

They have a great coach and a general manager. Quite frankly, there are zero flaws on the Bills roster. Their defense got even better after adding future hall of Famer and two-time super bowl champ Von Miller. This team had the best offense and the best defense in 2021. They are set up perfectly to win the Lombardy trophy and have the best chances among all the teams mentioned on this list.


Super Bowl XVII is scheduled to be played on February 12, 2023, and one of these teams has a chance to create a new record and move out of this list.

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