What NFL Team Plays Renegade

In American football, music has played a significant role in setting the mood and rallying the fans. However, few songs have become as synonymous with a team as Styx's 'Renegade' has with the Pittsburgh Steelers. This iconic rock anthem has been the heartbeat of the Steelers since 2002, transforming Heinz Field into a fortress of energy and passion.

The story of 'Renegade' and the Steelers began on January 5, 2003, during a playoff game against the Cleveland Browns. The Steelers were trailing 24-7 in the second half, and the atmosphere was tense. In an attempt to reignite the spirit of the team and the fans, the production team decided to play 'Renegade.' The effect was immediate and electrifying. The Steelers rallied, the crowd roared, and the team secured a thrilling 36-33 victory. From that moment, 'Renegade' became integral to the Steelers' home games.

Today, during the third quarter of every Steelers home game, a video compilation of defensive plays is shown, with the powerful strains of 'Renegade' echoing in the background. This tradition serves to fire up the defense and galvanize the fans, creating an electrifying atmosphere that opponents find daunting.

The impact of 'Renegade' extends beyond the stadium. It has become a symbol of the Steelers' resilience and fighting spirit, a rallying cry that unites players and fans alike. Even former players like Jerome "The Bus" Bettis have acknowledged the significant role 'Renegade' plays in the team's performance, particularly during crucial fourth-quarter rallies.

Interestingly, the Steelers and 'Renegade' relationship has benefited Styx, the band behind the song. The band has performed at various venues in Pittsburgh, including Heinz Field, and the song's association with the Steelers has given it a new lease of life.

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw games being played with limited or no spectators, the tradition of playing 'Renegade' has continued. The song was played three times in seven home games during the 2020 season, proving that some traditions remain unbroken despite adversity.