What NFL Team Has The Most Super Bowl Wins

The National Football League has millions of fans all across the globe. But being a true fan means knowing about the team’s history and important stats, especially when it comes to your favorite NFL team. So, how does your team fare in the Super Bowl, and more importantly, what NFL team has the most Super Bowl wins? Let’s find out.

The Era of the Super Bowl began back in 1966, and there have been a total of 20 teams who have won the main event over the years. However, just like everything else in life, not all teams are created equal, and that goes for the NFL too. So, which NFL team has been crowned as the champion of the most coveted event in sports entertainment – the NFL Super Bowl?

NFL Teams With the Most Super Bowl Wins

When it comes to the NFL team with the most wins at the Super Bowl, the answer is actually tied to two teams – The Pittsburg Steelers and the New England Patriots, which have both won the major event a total of 6 times each. Here’s a quick breakdown.

New England Patriots
The New England Patriots is the name that comes to mind whenever one thinks of a world championship dynasty in the NFL. While the Patriots started off slow, they’ve made it to 9 Super Bowl events since 2002 and (thanks to star quarterback and legend of the game Tom Brady) have won six of them. This makes the New England Patriots one of the most feared teams in the NFL today.

Pittsburgh Steelers
The only other NFL team to have hoisted the Lombardi trophy six times are the Pittsburgh Steelers. The 7th oldest team in the franchise, Pittsburgh Steelers, is also among the most historic teams of any professional sport, which means that Steelers fans had to wait for over 40 years to get their first win at Super Bowl 1975. Since then, the team has racked up their Super Bowl wins to a total of 6, the most recent one was when they defeated the Arizona Cardinals back in 2009.

Ending Note

If you’re living in the US, then the NFL is the nation’s sport. It dominates Sunday television, despite streaming services, and the NFL is one of the few sports left today where the fans will watch any game, and not just when their favorite teams are playing. NFL fans are also known to measure up their team’s performance with that of others. So, the information you’ve learned here should give you some bragging rights when you gather the next time to enjoy some Monday Night Football.

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