What NFL Players Went To Carter High School

Carter High School, located in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas, Texas, has a rich history of producing talented football players who have made their mark in the National Football League (NFL). Over the years, this esteemed institution has seen 16 alums grace the professional football field, contributing significantly to the sport's landscape.

One of the most notable Carter High School graduates is Jessie Armstead, a five-time Pro Bowl linebacker. Armstead's illustrious career is a testament to the high-quality training and nurturing environment Carter High School provides. His journey from the school's football field to the grand stadiums of the NFL inspires many young athletes.

Another prominent NFL player from Carter High School is Michael Crabtree, a star wide receiver known for his agility and precision. Crabtree's success further underscores the school's reputation as a breeding ground for top-tier football talent.

The 1988 Carter High School team holds a special place in the school's football history annals. This team was so loaded with talent that 21 of its players were offered college scholarships. Three of these players - Le'Shai Maston, Jessie Armstead, and Clifton Abraham - went on to play in the NFL. Their achievements are a testament to the exceptional training and guidance the school's coaching staff provides.

However, the journey to the NFL was only sometimes smooth for some of Carter's alums. Despite their immense talent, Derric Evans and Gary Edwards faced legal troubles that hindered their football careers. These stories serve as a reminder that while talent is crucial, personal conduct and decision-making off the field are equally important.

Carter High School's contribution to the NFL extends beyond these notable names. Other alums who made it to the NFL include Greg Hill, Darren Lewis, Kendyl Jacox, Daryl Jones, and Le'Shai Maston. Each player has added to the rich tapestry of Carter High School's football legacy.

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