What Mouthpiece Do NFL Players Use

NFL players, while not mandated to wear mouthguards, are highly recommended to do so for their safety. The mouthguards protect against potential injuries such as brain concussions, bone fractures, or damage to the teeth that could occur from accidental or unintentional impacts on a player's chin or lower jaw during games.

The most popular choice among NFL players is the 3mm clear mouthguard. Quarterbacks particularly favor this style as it allows them to communicate and yell out audibles behind the center effectively. However, some players opt for other models like the pacifier-style mouthpiece, one of the top-rated and best-selling guards made by Nxtrnd.

Another notable model in the mouth guard industry is the ZERO™ model, trusted by many professional players across the United States, Canada, and Europe. Its slim fit design, coupled with strategically placed impact-absorbing holes throughout the material, offers excellent ventilation and makes it a must-have for players who need to communicate efficiently.

Despite the benefits, some NFL players choose not to wear mouthguards due to their size and discomfort, making it hard to talk, call plays, and breathe right. Notable quarterbacks like Manning, Brady, Palmer, Rodgers, Dalton, Rivers, and Big Ben do not wear mouthpieces.

Regarding brands, Nxtrnd is recognized as one of the most prominent in the impact sports industry. Their ONE™ model, known for its fit and protection, features a lip shield that covers both the upper and lower lips, protecting them from potential cuts and bruises. It also has reinforced bite pads that absorb and disperse impact energy, protecting the jaw from severe collisions.