What Is The Pup List In The NFL

What is the pup list?

The NFL’s PUP (Physically Unable To Perform) List is a designation given to players who are unable to play due to injury, but could be activated at any time. In this article, we'll review the history of the list and its current use, along with some of the recent changes that have been made.

How to avoid the pup list?

The pup list is a designation given to players who are not yet ready to play in the NFL. These players are usually assigned to the practice squad, but they can be called up to the active roster at any time.

If you're a player who is on the pup list, there are a few things you can do to try and avoid it. First, make sure you're in good shape and stay in good shape throughout the season. Secondly, learn as much as you can about the playbook and your position. And finally, be a good teammate and work hard every day in practice. If you do all of these things, you'll give yourself the best chance to avoid the pup list and make an impact in the NFL.

Why are PUP lists important?

The PUP list can be used for a variety of reasons. Sometimes players get injured during the offseason and are not yet ready to return to action. Other times, players may be coming off of an injury that occurred the previous season. Either way, the PUP list allows teams to keep these players out of action until they are fully healthy.

Players can be placed on the PUP list at any time during the offseason or regular season. However, if a player is placed on the PUP list during the regular season, he is ineligible to return to action for at least six weeks.

The PUP list is an important tool for NFL teams as it allows them to keep players who are injured from seeing game action. This helps ensure that these players are 100% healthy before they return to the field and reduces the risk of further injury.


The PUP list is an important part of the NFL and helps to keep players safe and healthy. If you were ever curious about why a certain player is on the PUP list, now you know!

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