What Is The Longest Rain Delay In MLB History

Major League Baseball (MLB) has seen its fair share of rain delays, but none have surpassed the record set on August 12, 1990. On this day, the game between the Chicago White Sox and Texas Rangers was delayed for an astounding 7 hours and 23 minutes due to heavy rainfall. This remains the longest rain delay in MLB history. Despite the lengthy wait, the game was ultimately postponed, leaving a mark in the annals of baseball history.

The Impact of Rain on Baseball Games

Rain can significantly impact baseball games. While teams generally continue playing in light to moderate rain, heavy rainfall or standing water on the field can lead to suspension of play. A wet field poses a danger to players as they can slip and slide, potentially causing injuries. Moreover, other forms of inclement weather or unfit field conditions can also lead to game delays or cancellations.

Notable Rain Delays in MLB History

Apart from the record-breaking delay in 1990, there have been several other notable rain delays in MLB history. For instance, Game 6 of the 1975 World Series between the Reds and Red Sox was delayed by three days due to rain. This allowed the Red Sox to bring back ace Luis Tiant for his third start of the series.

Understanding MLB Rain Delay Rules

In 2023, the MLB implemented new rain delay rules. According to these rules, if a game is delayed due to weather, there will be a mandatory minimum delay of 30 minutes before the game can resume. If the weather conditions do not improve after the 30-minute delay, the umpires have the authority to call the game.