What Is The Green Ribbon On MLB Uniforms

In recent years, the Major League Baseball (MLB) community has taken a significant step towards raising awareness about mental health. This initiative is symbolized by a green ribbon worn on the uniforms of players, a gesture that has sparked curiosity and conversation among fans and observers alike.

The Significance of the Green Ribbon

The green ribbon is an international symbol of mental health awareness. Its presence on MLB uniforms serves as a call to action, encouraging individuals to support and promote mental wellness within their communities and beyond. The color green was chosen for its historical significance; in the 1800s, it was used to label people who were considered "insane". Today, the mental health community has reclaimed the color green to signify new life, growth, and fresh beginnings.

The Tampa Bay Rays Initiative

The Tampa Bay Rays were the pioneers of this initiative within the MLB. In May 2022, they became the first team to incorporate the green ribbon into their uniforms, doing so throughout the entire month in recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month. The team also lit their roof green as part of their campaign to raise awareness for the cause. This initiative was primarily driven by the tragic loss of Jean Ramirez, a member of their coaching staff who died by suicide in early 2022.

The Impact on Players and Fans

Several high-profile players have since opened up about their personal experiences with mental health issues. Notable examples include Drew Robinson, a former Rangers and Cardinals utility player who survived a suicide attempt, and Royals pitcher Danny Duffy and D-Backs relief pitcher Ryan Butcher, both of whom have spoken candidly about their struggles with depression. These revelations have shed light on the immense pressure professional athletes face, from the constant need to outperform others to dealing with criticism from fans. The green ribbon serves as a reminder of these challenges and the importance of mental health support within the sporting community.

The Future of the Green Ribbon Initiative

While the green ribbon has not yet been adopted league-wide, its presence has been noticed and appreciated by fans. The hope is that more teams will follow the Tampa Bay Rays' lead and incorporate the green ribbon into their uniforms, further amplifying the message of mental health awareness.


The green ribbon on MLB uniforms is more than just a piece of fabric; it's a powerful symbol of advocacy and awareness for mental health. It serves as a reminder that mental health matters and that everyone, including our sports heroes, can be affected. As fans and supporters of the sport, let's stand in solidarity with the MLB community in promoting mental wellness and supporting those who are struggling.