What Do Fans Call The Red Sox

The Red Sox are often referred to as the "Bosox" or "BoSox," a combination of "Boston" and "Sox."

The Boston Red Sox, one of the most storied franchises in Major League Baseball, is known by a variety of nicknames. These monikers, coined by fans, sportswriters, and even detractors, reflect the team's rich history, fierce rivalries, and the passionate devotion of its followers.

The Red Sox Nation

Perhaps the most widely recognized nickname for the Red Sox is "Red Sox Nation." This term, first used by Boston Globe feature writer Nathan Cobb in 1986, refers to the vast community of Red Sox fans. It signifies the shared camaraderie and loyalty among supporters, regardless of their geographical location. A shorter version of this nickname is simply "The Nation."

Bosox and BoSox

The Red Sox are often referred to as the "Bosox" or "BoSox," a combination of "Boston" and "Sox." This abbreviation is similar to other shortened team names like the "ChiSox" in Chicago or the minor league "PawSox" of Pawtucket.

Crimson Hose and Olde Towne Team

Sportswriters have also contributed to the collection of Red Sox nicknames. They sometimes refer to the team as the "Crimson Hose," a nod to the team's iconic red socks. Another popular term among writers is the "Olde Towne Team," which pays homage to Boston's historic significance.

Player-Specific Nicknames

Individual players on the Red Sox roster have also earned their own nicknames. For instance, fan-favorite and second baseman Dustin Pedroia is known by several names including "Pedey," "Muddy Chicken," and "Dusty2Sacks."

Detractor-Coined Nicknames

Even the team's detractors have contributed to the pool of nicknames. Fans of the New York Yankees, one of the Red Sox's biggest rivals, have been known to refer to the team as "The Red Sux."

Historical Nicknames

Historically, the Red Sox have also been known by other names. The team was once called the Boston Red Stockings, a name that was eventually shortened to its current form. The 1967 team earned the nickname "The Cardiac Kids" due to their thrilling performances.