What backlash did Le'Veon Bell face for holding out in 2018?

As a football fan, I remember the controversy surrounding Le'Veon Bell's decision to hold out during the 2018 season. Many fans and analysts criticized him for putting his own interests above the team and for potentially hurting his chances of securing a long-term contract.

Bell, who was playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers at the time, refused to sign the franchise tag and missed the entire season. This decision was met with backlash from fans and teammates alike, who felt that he was abandoning the team and jeopardizing their chances of success.

Some argued that Bell's holdout was selfish and that he was putting his own financial gain ahead of the team's goals. Others pointed out that he was within his rights to negotiate for a better contract and that the team should have been more willing to meet his demands.

Ultimately, Bell's holdout did not result in the long-term contract he was seeking, and he ended up signing with the New York Jets the following year. While some fans may still hold a grudge against him for his decision, it's important to remember that players have the right to negotiate for fair compensation and that their decisions should be respected.