What Are NFL Ball Carriers Called

In the National Football League (NFL), "ball carrier" refers to any offensive player possessing the ball during a play. This player is responsible for advancing the ball forward to gain positive yardage. The ball carrier can be a running back, wide receiver, quarterback, or any other position player who has control of the ball on that given play.

Running backs are typically tasked with carrying the ball, but any offensive player who performs a carry is known as a ball carrier for that play, regardless of their position. Sometimes, even defensive players can become ball carriers, such as when they recover a fumble or intercept a pass.

Some of the most notable ball carriers in NFL history include Barry Sanders, Walter Payton, and Emmitt Smith. For instance, Emmitt Smith holds league records for most rushing attempts (4,409), most rushing yards (18,355), and most rushing touchdowns (164).

In terms of abbreviations, NFL ball carriers are sometimes referred to as "RBS" in crossword clues.

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