Who Has The Best Record Against Tom Brady

When it comes to facing Tom Brady, one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, few opponents have found consistent success against him. Brady's unmatched career achievements and numerous Super Bowl victories testify to his ability to perform at an incredibly high level against any opponent. However, there are a handful of teams that have had some degree of success against the legendary quarterback.

One team that stands out is the New York Giants. In the Super Bowl XLII matchup during the 2007 season, the Giants famously upset the undefeated New England Patriots, led by Tom Brady. The Giants' relentless pass rush and tight defensive coverage limited Brady's effectiveness, resulting in a 17-14 victory for the Giants. Four years later, in Super Bowl XLVI, the Giants once again bested Brady and the Patriots, winning 21-17. These losses to the Giants are memorable blemishes on Brady's otherwise stellar record.

Another team that has had success against Brady is the Denver Broncos. Led by their dominant defense, particularly in the 2015 AFC Championship Game, the Broncos were able to disrupt Brady's rhythm and make life challenging for him. Overall, Brady's career record against the Broncos is 9-7, reflecting the competitive nature of the matchups.

The Baltimore Ravens have also presented challenges for Brady throughout his career. The Ravens' aggressive defense has been able to put consistent pressure on him, leading to turnovers and disrupted offensive drives. Brady holds a 10-4 record against the Ravens, but their physical style of play has made their matchups entertaining and closely contested.