Who Holds The Most NFL Records As A Quarterback

Tom Brady holds the most NFL records as a quarterback. He has an impressive list of achievements, including the record for the most regular season wins with 251 and the most postseason wins with 35. Brady also holds nearly every major quarterback record, making him the career, regular season, and playoff NFL leader in passing yards, attempts, and touchdown passes. He is the only NFL quarterback to have achieved 600 passing touchdowns in the regular season.

Brady's other records include the most games started (333), the most passing yards (89,214), the most passing touchdowns (649), the most completions (7,753), the most touchdowns thrown to different receivers (98), the most division titles (19), and the most Pro Bowl appearances (15). However, despite his numerous records, Brady does not hold the record for the most games played, which is held by his former Patriots teammate Adam Vinatieri, who played in 397 games.