The NFL's Justified Fine: Randall Cobb's Blindside Block

The National Football League (NFL) recently fined Jets receiver, Randall Cobb, a hefty sum of $13,389. This fine was imposed as a result of Cobb's blindside block on Giants defensive back Bobby McCain during a game last Saturday night. The incident not only sparked controversy but also resulted in a concussion for McCain.

The Controversial Hit and Its Aftermath

Cobb's hit, which was once considered legal, has now become a subject of contention due to the NFL's increased sensitivity towards player health and safety. The incident led to a heated exchange between Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Giants defensive lineman Jihad Ward. Ward took exception to the hit and the subsequent light-hearted reaction from the Jets. He also expressed his displeasure with the portrayal of the situation on the show 'Hard Knocks'.

The Changing Landscape of the NFL

The NFL's decision to fine Cobb is indicative of the changing landscape of the sport. Tactics that once required players to be constantly alert and ready for potential hits have been phased out of the rulebook. This is a clear reflection of the league's commitment to prioritizing player health and safety above all else.

A Step Towards Safer Play

While some may argue that the fine is excessive, it is important to remember that the NFL is taking necessary steps to ensure safer play. The fine serves as a deterrent, discouraging players from engaging in potentially harmful tactics. It sends a clear message that player safety is paramount and that reckless actions will not be tolerated.