The Commanders' New Era: Josh Harris Commends Ron Rivera, Emphasizes Results

The Washington Commanders are on the brink of a new era. With the team under new ownership and hosting the Arizona Cardinals in their first game of the season, the stakes are high. This is not just another season opener; it's the dawn of a new chapter for the Commanders and potentially the last first game for veteran head coach Ron Rivera.

The Prove-It Season for Rivera

While no one is pushing Rivera out just yet, there's a general consensus that this is a prove-it season for him. His tenure as head coach is no longer tied to the previous ownership, and his future with the Commanders will largely depend on the results he delivers this season.

Harris' Positive Feedback on Rivera

Josh Harris, the new owner of the Commanders, has expressed satisfaction with Rivera's performance so far. He commended Rivera for his work ethic and the progress the team has made under his leadership, despite numerous distractions. However, Harris also acknowledged that the NFL is a results-driven league, and ultimately, the team needs to deliver wins on the field.

The Pressure of Performance

The preseason may be a time for evaluation and roster compilation, but once the regular season kicks off, the narrative shifts towards results. The Commanders' success this season, and Rivera's future with the team, will hinge on their performance in the games that matter.

Harris' Hands-Off Approach

Interestingly, Harris has chosen a hands-off approach when it comes to player selection, leaving the job to the professionals on his staff. This is a stark contrast to some of his division rivals and could potentially influence the dynamics within the team.


As the Commanders embark on this pivotal season, all eyes will be on Rivera and his squad. Will they rise to the occasion and deliver the results that Harris and the fans are hoping for? Only time will tell.