OJ Simpson NFL Career Stats

O.J. Simpson is a former American Football League player belonging to a retired but very respected community within sports-- passionate fans will understand just how influential such players can be on both pitch and beyond.

Born July 9th, 1947, in San Francisco, California, before attending University in Southern California, his professional career eventually began with the Buffalo Bills in 1969 after being drafted into NFL.

Distinctly remembered by fans for becoming one of the best leading rushers America's National Football League (NFL) had ever seen while standing out in positions like receiver and return specialist roles, amongst others, when needed.

His impressive eighteen-thousand net combined yards (which includes eleven-thousand through rushing plus two-thousand from receiving; add another five from returning thirty average/return kickoff), utilizing his overwhelming strength and contribution via seventy-six touchdowns over eleven seasons.

Impressively holds current records himself: for instance, being awarded MVP due to that same year recognition where he had rushed beyond the two thousand yards mark, which no NFL player had previously accomplished.

Furthermore, he holds one of the most awe-inspiring records in history for the highest-ever average number of rushing yards earned per game in a single season within NFL memory which is now instilled as an essential part of American football folklore.

In light of O.J. Simpson's extensive contribution to football, he earned recognition by being named one of the greatest players in league history as part of the NFLs centennial celebrations held in 2019--the NFL awarded him a place on its prestigious "100th Anniversary All-Time Team."

Although this is an impressive accomplishment that deserves commendation, it occurred amidst accusations that strained many people's perception towards him after decades-old controversy about homicide charges levelled against him resurfaced around this time again before slowly fading out into obscurity afterward, having cast an indelible stain on his legacy long-term.

It's beyond argument that O.J. Simpson holds a place among history's most outstanding NFL players owing to impressive accomplishments like breaking records for rushing yards or receiving the coveted titles like Most Valuable Player award winner along with enshrinement within Pro Football Hall of Fame honorees circle itself.

However, protests regarding his personal life have largely eclipsed his professional credentials, like being tried for murder and other legal issues - which still garners conflicting views from people of different backgrounds across the USA.