Join the Movement: NFL Analyst Chris Simms Apologizes for Insensitive Comments After Death of Viral NFL Fan

NFL analyst Chris Simms has apologized for his insensitive comments towards Miami Dolphins fan Eric Carmona who died in a motorcycle accident on 1st June this year.

Eric was famous and had a Twitter profile named 'We are TuAnon.'
Simms expressed sadness for his previous remarks on the God Bless Football podcast, in which he questioned Tua Tagovailoa's $10000 donation to Carmona's family.

As a good gesture, Simms donated $1000 to Carmona's family recently, while fellow analyst Mike Florio donated $2500.

Eric is survived by his wife, Vanessa, and four children. Donations to his family have exceeded $111,000, according to the GoFundMe page.