How Much Does A Waterboy Make In The NFL

NFL waterboys are an official part of a team’s training staff and have a straightforward job – give players water when they are thirsty, keep the Gatorade bottles full all the time and provide towels when asked.

Perks of being an NFL waterboy

There are perks for being a water boy too like free gear, traveling with the team, and experiencing NFL games from the sideline.

How to become an NFL waterboy

To become a water boy, you have to apply on the NFL’s website and see if a team has an opening. But these jobs are typically few and far in between. Getting a job is easier with high school or college athletic experience.

Salary of an NFL waterboy

According to, the average salary for an NFL water boy is 53000$ per year. An experienced waterboy can make even more money.

Do NFL waterboys get super bowl rings?

The NFL pays for the cost of 150 rings for the winning team. That usually covers the bulk of the people the team wants to give the rings to.


It may not sound like a glamorous career but NFL waterboys can make a pretty decent living.

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