How Much Do NFL Mascots Make

While the pay can vary depending on the team and market size, most mascots earn between $25,000 and $40,000 per year.

NFL mascots are the face of the team, but how much do they make? This article reviews their salaries to see how much these professionals make.

Mascots: Who are they?

Mascots are an important part of any sports team. They help to create an atmosphere of fun and excitement at games, and can be a great source of team pride. But have you ever wondered who these costumed characters are, and how much they make?

The answer may surprise you – NFL mascots are usually college students or part-time workers who are paid hourly. According to one report, the average hourly wage for an NFL mascot is $23.50. That means that the typical NFL mascot makes around $35,000 per year.

So if you're ever looking for a fun and rewarding part-time job, consider becoming an NFL mascot!

How much do NFL mascots make?

Many people are curious about the salaries of NFL mascots. While the pay can vary depending on the team and market size, most mascots earn between $25,000 and $40,000 per year. The larger markets and teams, such as the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants, tend to pay at the higher end of that range. Mascots also often receive perks such as free tickets to games and access to VIP areas.

What is a mascot’s daily life like?

What is a mascot’s daily life like? This is a question that many people ask, but few know the answer to. Mascots are often seen as larger-than-life characters who only exist to entertain fans at sporting events. However, there is much more to being a mascot than meets the eye. In fact, mascots have very busy lives and often work long hours.

So, what does a typical day in the life of a mascot look like? Well, it starts early in the morning with a workout. Mascots must be in top physical condition so that they can endure hours of performing. After their workout, they eat a healthy breakfast to fuel up for the day ahead.

Next, it’s time to head to the stadium or arena for the day’s event. This is where the real work begins. Mascots must be ready to perform at a moment’s notice. They must also be prepared to take pictures and interact with fans of all ages.

What’s the NFL mascot salary range?

According to Business Insider, the average salary for an NFL mascot is $60,000 per year. However, some mascots make as little as $25,000 per year while others make over $100,000 per year.

So, what factors affect an NFL mascot’s salary? The most important factor is the size of the market where the team is located. Mascots in larger markets, like New York or Los Angeles, will typically make more money than those in smaller markets. Another important factor is the team’s success. Winning teams usually have higher attendance and generate more revenue, which means they can afford to pay their mascots more money.

If you’re thinking of becoming an NFL mascot, you could be in for a lucrative career!

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