How Many Undrafted Players Make The NFL

Thousands of college football players dream of making it to the National Football League (NFL) every year. While many enter the league through the NFL draft, a significant number of players go undrafted. These undrafted players face an uphill battle to secure a spot on an NFL roster, but history has shown that their dreams can become a reality. In this blog post, we will explore the journey of undrafted players and examine how many of them make it to the NFL.

The Reality of Going Undrafted

The NFL draft consists of seven rounds, with teams selecting players they believe have the potential to contribute to their organizations. However, despite the extensive scouting and evaluation, many talented players go undrafted yearly. This harsh reality often creates a sense of disappointment for those who thought their names would be called during the draft.

The Numbers Game

While it may seem daunting for undrafted players to make it to the NFL, history has shown that their dreams are plausible. Approximately 25% of all NFL players are undrafted. This includes household names like Wes Welker, Kurt Warner, James Harrison, and Tony Romo, who achieved tremendous success without being drafted.

The Path to Success

Though undrafted players face an uphill battle, their journey is not without hope. Many factors can influence their chances of making it to the NFL, including their talent, work ethic, opportunity, and luck. Here are a few key steps that undrafted players often take in their quest to secure an NFL roster spot:

1) Signing with an NFL Team: Immediately after the draft ends, undrafted players receive phone calls from NFL teams expressing interest in signing them as free agents. These players evaluate the potential opportunity each team offers and ultimately choose the best fit for their talents and aspirations.

2) Impressing in Training Camp: Once signed, undrafted players enter training camp alongside drafted rookies and other veterans, competing for limited roster spots. They must seize every opportunity during practices and preseason games to showcase their skills and catch the attention of coaches and scouts.

3) Special Teams Contributions: While undrafted players may not initially find themselves in starting offensive or defensive positions, they often earn a chance to contribute to special teams. Excelling in these roles, such as kick coverage or punt blocking, can help them gain coaches' trust and create a path to a more prominent role in the future.

4) Continuous Improvement and Patience: Undrafted players understand that their journey does not end once they make an NFL roster. They must relentlessly improve their skills, learn from experienced teammates, and seize every opportunity to prove their worth. The path to a more significant role may require patience, hard work, and dedication.

5) Seizing Opportunities: Injuries, roster changes, and unexpected circumstances can create openings for undrafted players to secure playing time. They must be ready to step up when their chance arrives, proving their value and impacting the field.


While going undrafted presents challenges, history has shown that many undrafted players make it to the NFL and even achieve greatness. Despite the odds, with talent, determination, and a bit of luck, undrafted players can prove their worth and carve out successful careers at the highest level of football. So, for those who dream of playing in the NFL but remain undrafted, remember that the journey doesn't end with the draft. Stay focused, work hard, and seize every opportunity to make your mark on the field. You never know when your moment will come.