How Many NFL Teams Are Named After Birds

There are a total of 32 NFL teams, but five are named after birds.

When it comes to the NFL, birds are everywhere. You have your Falcons and Eagles. But how many teams are named after birds?

There are a total of 32 NFL teams, but five are named after birds. They are:

  1. Falcons - Falcons is the most popular bird name among NFL teams.
  2. Ravens - Baltimore Ravens is the most popular team name in the NFL, and Ravens is also the most popular bird name.
  3. Eagles - Philadelphia Eagles is the third most popular team name in the league and Eagles is also the third most popular bird name.
  4. Titans - The Tennessee Titans are fourth in popularity and also fourth in number of bird names associated with them (e.g., Harpy's Eagle, Osprey).
  5. Steelers - The Pittsburgh Steelers rank fifth in popularity and fifth in number of named birds (e.g., Kestrel, Golden Eagle).

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the most bird-related NFL team. The team's name is derived from the term "Pittsburgh," which is a corruption of "Pittsburghese," a dialect of American English. The team's colors are black and gold, which are the colors of a cardinal bird.

Teams Named After Other Animals

One of the most famous animal-named teams is undoubtedly the Bears. The Bears originates from a team that was founded in Decatur, Illinois in 1919 and was renamed the Bears in 1932. The name is derived from a bear which is native to Illinois.

Other animal-named teams include the Bengals (billed as "The Cincinnati Bengals"), Cardinals (the "Cardinals"), Dolphins (the "Miami Dolphins"), Jaguars (the "Jacksonville Jaguars") and more.

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