How Many MLB Teams Have Retractable Roofs

1) Milwaukee Brewers - American Family Field 2) Arizona Diamondbacks - Chase Field 3) Texas Rangers - Globe Life Field 4) Miami Marlins - loanDepot park 5) Houston Astros - Minute Maid Park 6) Toronto Blue Jays - Rogers Centre 7) Seattle Mariners - T-Mobile Park

Major League Baseball (MLB) is a professional sports league that comprises 30 teams, evenly divided between the National League and the American League. Each league is further divided into three divisions: East, Central, and West. But did you know that seven of these teams have stadiums with retractable roofs? Let's delve into this fascinating aspect of MLB.

The Seven Wonders of MLB

Retractable roofs are an architectural marvel designed to accommodate a variety of climates and conditions. They offer the perfect solution for teams in cities with unpredictable weather or extreme temperatures. The seven MLB teams that boast this feature are:

  1. Milwaukee Brewers - American Family Field
  2. Arizona Diamondbacks - Chase Field
  3. Texas Rangers - Globe Life Field
  4. Miami Marlins - loanDepot park
  5. Houston Astros - Minute Maid Park
  6. Toronto Blue Jays - Rogers Centre
  7. Seattle Mariners - T-Mobile Park

These stadiums span across North America, from Seattle to Toronto, providing fans and players alike with a comfortable environment regardless of the weather outside.

The Weather Factor

Interestingly, retractable roofs are used most often by teams in sunnier climates. For instance, the Houston Astros' Minute Maid Park had just seven out of 81 home games played with an open roof last season. Similarly, the Texas Rangers' Globe Life Field, which opened in 2020, typically keeps its roof closed during the heart of summer due to the state's triple-digit heat.

In contrast, Seattle's T-Mobile Park, located in one of America's most frequently rained-on cities, used their roof only 18 times in 2022. This is because, unlike other stadiums, extending the roof in T-Mobile Park does not enclose the stadium but merely covers the field, making it more like a carport than a dome.

The Retractable Roof Champions

The award for the least use of a retractable roof goes to Miami's loanDepot park, which played under an open roof just five times in the past two seasons combined. This is largely due to South Florida's near-daily summer thunderstorms and constant humidity.

On the other hand, Milwaukee's American Family Field saw a near-even split in 2022, with 45 games played under an open roof and 36 games played enclosed. This demonstrates how retractable roofs can adapt to changing weather conditions, ensuring that games go on as scheduled.