How Many International Cricket Stadiums Are There In India

India, a country renowned for its passion for cricket, boasts many international cricket stadiums. As of July 2023, the country is home to 53 international cricket venues, surpassing any other nation worldwide. England, the next closest, has 23 such venues, making India's tally 30 more than its nearest competitor.

The first international cricket match in India was held in December 1933 at the Gymkhana Ground in Bombay, marking the beginning of India's rich history in the sport. Since then, stadiums have grown exponentially, with many new ones being constructed nationwide.

The list of these stadiums is extensive, including renowned venues like Eden Gardens in Kolkata, MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai, Arun Jaitley Stadium in New Delhi, and Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai. The Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad stands out as the largest cricket stadium in India and is considered the No. 1 stadium in the country.

It's worth noting that the number of stadiums in India continues to increase, reflecting the country's ongoing commitment to fostering and promoting the sport of cricket. This growth is a testament to India's love for cricket and its dedication to providing world-class sports facilities.

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