How Many 40 Year Old Quarterbacks Are In The NFL

As of the information available in 2023, there are no specific details on the exact number of quarterbacks in the NFL who are currently 40 years old. However, historically, there have been 15 quarterbacks in NFL history to start in the league after turning 40 years old. Some notable names include Tom Brady, Brett Favre, and Drew Brees. The oldest player to play in NFL history was George Blanda, a quarterback and placekicker who retired at the age of 48 after playing for 26 seasons.

In terms of the current age range of quarterbacks, the average age of the seven primary starting quarterbacks in the AFC is quite low, at just 25. The oldest active quarterback as of 2022 was Tom Brady, who was 45 years old. Other older quarterbacks included Aaron Rodgers (39 years old), Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, and Brian Hoyer (all 37 years old).

The top 10 quarterbacks in the NFL, as of the provided context, include Aaron Rodgers, Lamar Jackson, Trevor Lawrence, Justin Herbert, Jalen Hurts, Josh Allen, Joe Burrow, and Patrick Mahomes. Their ages vary, with some like Mahomes being relatively young at 27 years old, while others like Rodgers are closer to 40.

It's important to note that the age of a quarterback can influence their performance and career longevity, but it's not the sole determinant of their success in the league. Many factors such as skill, experience, physical fitness, and team support play crucial roles in shaping a quarterback's career in the NFL.