How Does The NFL Draft Work

Every year, the best college players in the USA are picked by the NFL teams. But, first, they are invited to show off their skills and strengths in a series of physical and mental tests at the NFL combine. They do so to impress the key personnel in each of the NFL teams and hope they might be picked by one of the NFL teams at the three-day NFL draft. There are seven total rounds. The NFL draft is nationally televised.

How the NFL draft works

During the draft, each of the 32 teams receives at least one draft pick in each of the seven rounds. The order of draft selection is determined by the reverse order of finish from the previous season. To keep the NFL as competitive as possible, the team with the worst record picks first in each round with the Superbowl champion picking last. Teams can trade these picks with each other for future picks or players to improve their draft position. Each NFL-drafted rookie gets a four-year deal. However, the first-round selections get a fifth-year option built in with some guidelines and stipulations. The undrafted rookies, who make the 53-man roster, are only eligible for a three-year deal.

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