Get the Scoop on Colin Cowherd's Division-by-Division Predictions After NFL Minicamp

Colin Cowherd, a famous American media personality, shared his opinions for the NFL 2023 season after the minicamp on ''The Herd.''

In the AFC East, he predicts that the Miami Dolphins will win.

In the AFC North, he believes that the Baltimore Ravens are the best, but most of their top offensive players have an injury history.

In the AFC South, he thinks Jacksonville Jaguars will win.

He is on the side of the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC West.

He thinks the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys are the top contenders in the NFC East.

In the NFC North, Cowherd predicts that Detroit Lions will outperform the other teams.

He thinks the Carolina Panthers and the New Orleans Saints will have a tough battle for the top spot in the NFC South.

In the NFC West, he thinks the Los Angeles Rams have an edge over other teams with players like Cooper Kupp and Aaron Donald.