Does The NFL Use SpeedFlex

The National Football League (NFL) utilizes SpeedFlex technology, specifically Riddell NFL SpeedFLEX Helmets. These helmets have become increasingly popular among NFL players and are available for every team. The SpeedFlex helmet is recognized for its unique design, including a quick-release facemask attachment, comfort overliner, and natural padding.

However, it's important to note that not all NFL players use SpeedFlex helmets. Players can choose their helmets from a list ranked by safety performance each season. This list includes helmets from Riddell, Schutt, VICIS, and Xenith.

Despite the variety of options, most NFL players consistently choose to wear Riddell helmets, including the SpeedFlex model. The SpeedFlex helmet stands out due to its innovative features. For instance, the shell and overall helmet structure remain the same across all three SpeedFlex models, but each has a flexible, polycarbonate shell that flexes upon impact to absorb contact. The helmet also features patented side impact protection and a unique Cam-Loc retention system that revolutionizes how players buckle up their chinstraps.

Moreover, the highest performing Riddell Speedflex offers the Speedflex Precision-Fit Diamond, which uses 3D scanning technology to craft a helmet personalized for the individual player. Each pad is custom-made for a player for a custom fit. This helmet model also incorporates Carbon's Digital Light Synthesis™ (DLS™) technology, which results in a 3D-printed lattice liner precisely contoured to the athlete's head.