Does The NFL Have A Theme Song

Yes, the National Football League (NFL) has several theme songs that are associated with its various broadcasts. The most iconic is "Heavy Action," composed by British bandleader Johnny Pearson. The BBC originally commissioned this song for various TV purposes, but ABC later adopted it for their Monday Night Football broadcasts in 1975. It became the central theme in the 1980s and is still highly recognizable today.

Another notable NFL theme song is the Sunday Night Football Theme, performed by Carrie Underwood in 2022. Additionally, the NFL on Fox theme, composed by Scott Schreer in 1994, is considered one of the most iconic NFL intros. Schreer, a legendary jingle writer, is also responsible for the music behind some NHL and NASCAR programming.

John Williams, the renowned film composer, was tapped by NBC in 2006 to create a new Sunday Night Football theme. His composition, characterized by heavy drumbeats and a lusty trombone, was well-received by the network.

Another prolific sports composer, David Robidoux, has contributed significantly to the NFL's musical repertoire. He composed the official Super Bowl theme, the NFL's 100th Anniversary theme music, and the NFL Network's main theme, titled "Run to the Playoffs."

The NFL's theme music plays a crucial role in enhancing the drama and excitement of the games, deeply etching these tunes into the minds of football fans.

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