Do NFL Tickets Get Cheaper

The price of NFL tickets increased in 2023 according to TicketSmarter. In 2022, the average cost of an NFL ticket was $235. This has increased to $377 in 2023.

Demand plays a huge role in determining NFL ticket prices. This demand is further an outcome of which teams are playing and the seating arrangement inside the stadiums. Ticket prices are adjusted daily due to these reasons.

But, the NFL tickets indeed get cheaper closer to the game date. Waiting until the last week of the game date can be a smart move. The only negative side to this waiting game is if all the tickets get sold out due to the popularity of the game. So, both the positive and the negative points have to be kept in mind.

Another clever method of securing tickets at a lower price is to attend games against a lesser opponent or opt for upper-deck tickets which are more affordable but farther from the field.

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