Do NFL Players Wear Cups

Most of us would think that NFL players wear cups but they don’t. In high schools, it may be mandatory even now but this is not true for NFL. Players nowadays wear a jockstrap instead of a cup. The main reason players don’t wear cups is that they can be uncomfortable.

What Is a cup?

What exactly is a cup? It’s a cup that’s designed to fit your testicles inside of it which will prevent it from any impact. It comes in a variety of different sizes. Cups can be made from a variety of materials. In the past, steel was used. Now, usually, hard plastic is used.

Why is a cup important?

Because getting injured to the testicles can be very, very painful.

What do the NFL players think about cups?

Here are some quotations from NFL players about wearing cups:

Aaron Jones is quoted to have said “I tried it at home…I don’t like that”

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Juju Smith: “I am just not a fan of that. I like to be free. I am a free man”

Sports Analyst and former football player Bart Scott is quoted to have said “Chances of getting hit in the balls are very slim”

The good news is that Bart Scott is right. Getting hit in the scrotum is not super common. But the equipment manager’s job is to be prepared.

What Medical Science has to say about this issue

“It’s recommended to wear cups if a player is engaging in any sport that involves a high-speed ball coming near your testicles” – Doctor Rena Malik.

For those who don’t wear a cup, there are cautionary tales that pop up from time to time.

A few well-known cup manufacturers

Nutty buddy – made with polycarbonate material known as Lexan 124r. This is the same material used for making bulletproof glass.

Comfy cups – specifically designed for children to absorb the force of impact. Despite its flexibility, it can absorb the impact of at least five pounds.

Diamond MMA – These cups are made by Stanford engineers. They are made using military-grade elastics with a polycarbonate core


Protecting players with the proper equipment should always be the priority of NFL teams. Protective cups have been around since the late 1800s. It’s difficult to pinpoint when players stopped wearing them. Two decades ago, coaches would say it was a mandatory piece of equipment, but not anymore. Only a handful of players continue to wear a cup, most of them for medical reasons.

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