Can You Tailgate At NFL Games

Yes, tailgating is a popular tradition at NFL games. It's an elaborate pre-game party held in the stadium's parking lot, where fans gather to eat, drink, and play games for hours before the match begins. However, some specific rules and regulations must be followed during these events.

Tailgating should be limited to the lined parking space and the area directly behind or in front of each vehicle. Blocking drive lanes is prohibited. Tailgating is also permitted on the medians that separate the parking lots from the roadways. Fans can enjoy tailgating activities in the parking lots and leave any prohibited items/bags in their vehicles when heading into the stadium.

There are some restrictions on what you can bring to a tailgate. For instance, glass containers are prohibited, and all drinks should be placed in plastic or other non-breakable cups or cans. Guests' sale of food or beverage items is not permitted, and unauthorized private catering companies are strictly prohibited. Small portable electric generators (600W or less) are allowed in parking lot tailgating areas. Still, electrical cords cannot be placed across parking areas/drive aisles or in areas that would create a hazard for any guests.

Certain teams have specific rules regarding tailgating. For example, the Seattle Seahawks stadium has no parking for tailgating, and fans usually go to Tailgaters Heaven, located a few blocks from the stadium. On the other hand, the Los Angeles Rams allow tailgating in designated areas and have specific rules regarding the use of tents, the size of vehicles, and the type of grills permitted.