Can You Get MLB Network On YouTube TV

As of 2023, Major League Baseball (MLB) fans who use YouTube TV for their sports fix may be disappointed. As of January 31, 2023, the MLB Network was dropped from the YouTube TV lineup due to a failure in negotiations between Google, YouTube's owner, and MLB. This means that subscribers can no longer access previous Library recordings on the channel, which has been a significant blow for baseball enthusiasts.

The Cost of MLB Network on YouTube TV

Before the removal, watching MLB.TV on YouTube TV cost $72.99 per month for 85+ live channels. This package came with no contracts or hidden fees and was available nationwide. However, with the MLB Network no longer part of the lineup, fans are left seeking alternative ways to watch their favorite games.

How Does the MLB Network Work?

The MLB Network is a 24/7 cable television network dedicated to baseball. It offers live games, award-winning studio programming, news, highlights, analysis, and interviews with the biggest names in the game. MLB.TV is intended for fans to watch MLB games for teams outside of their current local area, with some exceptions.

What Channels Are Available on YouTube TV?

Despite the absence of the MLB Network, YouTube TV still offers a wide array of channels. Subscribers can watch live and on-demand TV from major broadcast and popular cable networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN, AMC, HGTV, TNT, and more. In 2023, new channels such as the Tennis Channel, T2, CHARGE!, and TBD were added to the lineup.

Why Can't I Watch MLB Games on YouTube TV?

The removal of the MLB Network from YouTube TV was due to a disagreement over a fair carriage agreement. MLB issued a statement at the time the network was pulled out, stating that "YouTube TV has been unwilling to negotiate a fair carriage agreement."

Alternatives to Watching MLB Games on YouTube TV

While the MLB Network is no longer available on YouTube TV, there are still ways to watch MLB games. For instance, nationally televised broadcasts are available on several networks like ESPN, FOX, FS1, and TBS. Additionally, local games can be accessed through regional sports networks (RSNs), although availability may depend on your location and the specific teams playing.

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