C.J. Mosley: A Defensive Powerhouse at No. 46 on NFL Top 100 List

C.J. Mosley, the defensive quarterback of the New York Jets, has once again proven his mettle by securing the 46th spot on the prestigious NFL's Top 100 list. This marks his fourth appearance on the list, a testament to his consistent performance and recognition from his peers across the league.

A Tackling Titan

Mosley's prowess on the field is evident in his impressive statistics. Last season, he ranked ninth in tackles with a team-leading 158, marking his second consecutive season with over 150 tackles. This achievement ties him for the third-longest streak in the league since 2000. His return to the Pro Bowl in 2021, after a gap of three years, further solidifies his standing among the top defensive players in the league.

The Brain Behind the Brawn

Beyond his physical skills, Mosley's strategic acumen sets him apart. As the defensive coordinator for the Jets, Jeff Ulbrich, aptly puts it, Mosley's awareness, toughness, and consistency make him an invaluable asset to the team. His ability to anticipate plays and react accordingly is a result of diligent study and keen observation. This cerebral approach to the game has earned him praise from opponents as well, including Patriots HC Bill Belichick.

A Leader On and Off the Field

Mosley's leadership extends beyond the gridiron. As a team captain, he sets an example for his teammates through his dedication and commitment to the sport. His disciplined approach to maintaining his physical fitness, as evidenced by his weight of 223 pounds at camp, is commendable.


C.J. Mosley's ranking at No. 46 on the NFL's Top 100 list is a well-deserved recognition of his exceptional talent, strategic acumen, and leadership skills. As the Jets look forward to a promising season with heightened expectations, Mosley's role will undoubtedly be pivotal in their pursuit of success.

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