Bryce Young: A Rising Star in the Panthers' Den and Charlotte Community

Bryce Young, the Carolina Panthers' franchise quarterback, has recently inked a deal with Bojangles, a southern food chain renowned for its chicken and biscuits. This partnership is not just about business; it's about Young integrating himself into the heart of the Charlotte community. The No. 1 overall pick, who weighed in at 204 pounds for his combine, is already considering incorporating Bojangles into his diet. He trusts the organization's strength and conditioning staff to help him maintain a balanced diet that supports his training while keeping him active.

Earning Respect On-Field

Young's commitment extends beyond off-field partnerships. His preparedness for the NFL game has earned him praise from veterans in the Panthers' locker room. Young believes in carrying himself as a professional, learning from his peers, and building relationships. His dedication to understanding the game, showing up every day, and contributing to the team's goals are all part of his strategy to earn respect and be an asset to the team.

Training Camp and Beyond

As the Panthers' rookies and veterans prepare to report to training camp in late July, Young remains one of the top five picks from April's draft who is yet unsigned. However, sources indicate that a deal should be finalized well before the start of camp. Young is expected to continue taking first-team reps, building on the chemistry and timing he developed during June OTAs.

A Leader in the Making

Young's approach to his role as a quarterback is already attracting his teammates. His understanding of the job, his accountability, and his personal standards reflect the qualities of a leader. Young appreciates the shared understanding and accountability within the Panthers' organization, from players to coaches and front office staff. As he continues to integrate himself into the Charlotte community and the Panthers' locker room, Young is proving to be a rising star both on and off the field.