Brady Russell: From Undrafted to Eagles

The path to the NFL is not always easy, and for former Colorado tight end Brady Russell, this couldn't be truer. After going undrafted in the 2023 NFL Draft, Russell's dreams of playing in the big leagues remained strong. He has now signed as an undrafted free agent with the Philadelphia Eagles and is currently participating in their rookie minicamp as a member of the defending NFC champions. This article will delve into his journey to the NFL, his chances of making the team and other success stories of undrafted players within the league.

Brady Russells Journey to the NFL

Russell's road to success was fraught with many twists and turns. Despite playing football at Fossil Ridge High School in Fort Collins, Colorado, he received no Division I scholarship offers. As a result, he decided to walk on at the University of Colorado, where he earned a scholarship early in his career. Over five seasons with the Buffaloes, Russell accomplished an impressive 78 receptions for 799 yards and three touchdowns.

The Road to the NFL

Russell was consistent during his college career in Colorado but did not necessarily stand out. However, scouts noticed him during pro day workouts at CU in March 2023, which helped increase his visibility within NFL circles. Despite such attention, though, he didn't hear from anyone until mere hours before the year's draft officially began.

Pro Day and Pre-Draft Workouts

Pro days can make all difference when it comes to being noticed by NFL teams, especially for lesser-known players like Russell. During his pro day showcase workout event back in March 2023, however, was when scouts started taking serious notice of him thanks to both his athleticism and good catching ability displays; further viewing during pre-draft workouts would only serve as supplemental evaluation opportunities for teams.

Signing with Eagles as Undrafted Free Agent

However, following non-selection within this year's draft itself early on, this only added further incentive for Russell to continue taking the steps needed for NFL recognition.

Moments afterwards, he soon found a chance to sign with the Philadelphia Eagles in a flurry of player activities in the Bay Area as others reacted with their own accomplishments post-draft. Joining Philadelphia Eagles was destined for Brady Russel due to his natural connection with his uncle, Matt Russel, formerly a star linebacker at CU. As expected, given Matt's current role - senior personnel director and adviser to the Eagles General Manager - wise choices seemed well met. However, cautiousness demanded he made calls revoking such ideas, so it wasn't thought of like family favoritism.

Currently participating in Eagle's rookie minicamp, Russel's athleticism and outstanding hands have already given quite an impression. For a tight end, these two qualities are significant in NFL. Staying grounded at the moment is being advised, as enormous amounts of change can occur between the current Minicamp and the regular season.

Despite not being drafted, Russell maintains confidence due to examples like Phillip Lindsay- a former Colorado University teammate who has significantly excelled in NFL despite not being drafted.

The fierce competition in the NFL demands continuous hard work by Russell for him to earn a spot on their final roster.

Russell's athletic skillset aligned perfectly with the Eagle's current needs for the position. He has the potential to become an exceptional player incorporating his skills into the team.

Aside from Russel- several other players such as Quinn Perry, Robert Barnes, Guy Thomas, Daniel Arias, and Terrance Lang - fellow ex-Buffaloes - are also pursuing long-term goals to land spots with NFL teams.

Undoubtedly earning a spot on an NFL roster is no easy feat. However, it is inspiring to witness so many former Buffs allowed to prove their worth at the next level. There cannot be any denying that going undrafted can create additional challenges for players striving to succeed in the NFL.

Nonetheless, there are countless examples of players who have defied the odds and achieved triumph as undrafted free agents. This outstanding roster includes notable names such as Tony Romo, Kurt Warner, Wes Welker, and Chris Harris Jr., just to mention a few. Furthermore, Phillip Lindsay's story is a remarkable example of perseverance and triumph over adversity. After undrafted himself, he became a Pro Bowler for the Denver Broncos. These incredible success stories prove that with hard work, determination, and perhaps a bit of good fortune, even undrafted players can immensely impact the league.

In conclusion

When considering Brady Russell's journey into the NFL thus far - from walking on at Colorado to being overlooked in the draft- it becomes apparent that his path has not been straightforward or without obstacles. However, it is imperative to remember that his story has yet to reach its conclusion.

As Russell participates in rookie minicamp and sets his sights on training camp, he will have ample opportunity to demonstrate his worthiness of being part of an NFL team. Russell brings with him an excellent skillset and remarkable resilience, making him poised to become one of those feel-good success stories as another fresh face rising rapidly through undrafted free agency ranks within the league.

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