Are There Any 7 Foot NFL Players

The National Football League (NFL) has seen many players of varying heights, but Richard Sligh is the tallest player in the league's history. Standing at an impressive seven feet tall, Sligh was a defensive tackle who played for the Oakland Raiders. Despite his towering height, Sligh's career in the NFL was relatively short-lived, with him playing only one season as a rookie in the American Football League (AFL) with the Raiders.

There are no current 7-footers in the NFL due to the physical demands and injury risks associated with the sport. A seven-footer with the athleticism to run from the line of scrimmage to the end zone, catch the ball, and avoid the pass rush would likely be more successful and earn more money in the National Basketball Association (NBA), where the risk of injury is significantly lower.

Matt O'Donnell, Morris Stroud, and Dan Skipper were the tallest players after Sligh, all standing at just under seven feet. Currently, the tallest player in the NFL is Dan Skipper, who stands at 6'10".

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