A Nostalgic White Out for Former Penn State Quarterback

Sean Clifford, the former quarterback of Penn State football, has recently embarked on a new journey with the Green Bay Packers. After five seasons with Penn State, Clifford was selected 149th overall in the 2023 draft by the Packers. Transitioning from college football to the NFL is no small feat, and it's expected that Clifford will need some time to adjust to his new surroundings. However, the Packers have found a unique way to make him feel at home.

The Packers' Homage to Penn State Tradition

In an interesting twist, the Packers are hosting a "Family Night" at Lambeau Field, where fans can watch the team practice. The highlight of the event is a white out, a tradition Clifford is all too familiar with from his Penn State days. The announcement of the white out on Twitter elicited a humorous response from Clifford, indicating his excitement and nostalgia.

During his tenure at Penn State, Clifford participated in four white out games at Beaver Stadium. These games are a cherished tradition in college football, eagerly awaited by fans and players alike. The white out games are known for their intense atmosphere, making them one of the most challenging environments for opposing teams.

A Different Kind of White Out

However, Clifford's first white out with the Packers will be a different experience. Instead of the deafening cheers of over 100,000 fans during a high-stakes game, this white out will take place in a family-friendly environment during a practice session. Despite the differences, the sight of a sea of white under the lights at Lambeau Field will undoubtedly stir up memories of Clifford's past. Even though it's just a practice, this white out serves as a poignant reminder of Clifford's journey from Penn State to the Packers.

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