A Bold Move: Packers' Interest in Making Jonathan Taylor One of the Highest-Paid RBs

The Green Bay Packers have reportedly expressed a keen interest in Indianapolis Colts running back, Jonathan Taylor. The proposition is not just about acquiring Taylor, but also making him one of the highest-paid running backs in football. This move could potentially shake up the dynamics of the NFL, given Taylor's impressive track record and the Packers' commitment to investing heavily in his talent.

The Financial Implications

Currently, Christian McCaffrey holds the title of the highest-paid running back with an average annual value of $16 million. If the Packers are serious about their intentions, they would be looking at a similar or higher figure for Taylor. However, the financial feasibility of this deal remains uncertain. The Packers could accommodate Taylor’s $4.3 million base salary for this season on their 2023 cap sheet by extending Rashan Gary or trading Yosh Nijman. But the question remains, is it worth it?

The Strategic Angle

From a strategic perspective, adding Taylor, a 2021 All-Pro, to the Packers' roster makes perfect sense. His addition could provide a balanced run-pass mix, which is key in Matt LaFleur's offense. However, with Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon already on the roster, the Packers already boast a top running back duo. This potential trade seems more about future-proofing the team than immediate necessity.

A Prudent Use of Resources?

While the Packers can technically make this move, it doesn't necessarily mean they should. Giving up a premium draft pick and possibly a player, then paying top-of-market value for a position that can be replaced through the draft may not be the most prudent use of resources.

The Waiting Game

As of now, discussions seem to have cooled off, with the Colts ending conversations and placing Taylor on the PUP list. However, the NFL’s trade deadline isn’t until October 31st, leaving room for further negotiations. Whether this bold move will materialize or not, only time will tell.